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Originally Posted by BigDaveBBQ View Post
My question is as a BBQ caterer and cook for hire business, can you make money? Is it worth it? Either way I am invested thousands to find out and I know that the smoker trailer has resale value so it will not be a total wash.
It depends on your definition of "money" or "making money". I can tell you this about the food/restaurant/catering/food truck industry. The money you make will not be anything close to mailbox money. Your money will be made by volume, not by large profit margins per unit. Which means you will have to sell A LOT of bbq and work a lot of hours. There are people who I know that own food trucks, restaurants and catering businesses. They all make decent money. However, to do so they put in a lot of long hours and their free time isn't when the average person's free time is nor do they have anywhere close to the free time of the average person who works an 8-5, M-F job. It is definitely a labor of love.

Several years ago I was considering getting into the "bbq business" for catering and possibly a food truck/concession trailer. Thankfully I had an opportunity to get a taste of what it would be like without having to actually get into it. I was able to cook for several local fundraisers for both youth sports teams and youth groups at churches. The minimum amount of people I cooked for was 200 and the maximum was approximately 400. I was able to get the experience of prepping, cooking, setting up, cleaning up etc. It was through those experiences I decided that FOR ME, keeping bbq a hobby was the best thing.

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