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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Hinds15 View Post
The bottom is a tray that funnels the grease into a small pan. The tray is also removable (I get a picture later). First cook last night and I'm liking it. Only have 2 complaints. The masterbuilt app was hit and miss for me (have chatted with others who say theres worked great). Was having problems connecting in the beginning and staying connected throughout the cook. 2nd issue is I think the built in grill temp probe is in a bad spot. It was reading about 25 degrees higher than my thermoworks probe ( also verified using the masterbuilt meat probe). So to run it at 250 i had to turn it up to 275. Held temps like a champ though and the grill temp probe is held in place by screws so I'll probably move it to get a better reading.

All in all I think I'm going to really enjoy this sucker.
Awesome! Make a new thread and post pics of everything from every angle.

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