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Originally Posted by DivaHerself View Post
I would agree with you there. RnQ has sent out one email and one phone call so far for early-season events, and received timely responses for both. Of course, one response was "we just started having meetings and we'll get back with you", but it was a timely response.

I guess once upon a time publication of sanctioning/date was simply to "reserve" the date in people's minds, and in practice many events just didn't get around to hard information until about 8-12 weeks out. I see dates nearly a year out on the calendar, and suspect this is the case. We still see some of this in action in our region.

However, our team (and I suspect a more than a few others) have planning needs that extend beyond a couple of months. We are literally blocking out our calendar for the year, making allocations for funds, reservations for services, etc.

The bottom line is: if you're capable of handling the sums of money and commitment details to put on a contest, if you're expecting thousands of dollars to roll in from teams, then you're perfectly capable of answering inquiries or providing concrete information in a professional manner.

Of course, the old "if you don't like it, just don't go" argument comes into play -- "let supply and demand work it out". Well, there's the rub. Supply and demand only works where there is reasonable supply. In a region where there aren't multiple contests per weekend for cooks to choose from, they're held hostage to shoddy practices.
I agree with all you have said and I understand that the publication of an event usually happens long before all of the details are hammered out. As Rob so nicely pointed out earlier, I do not have the 2009 entry forms posted yet for our contest but I am still responsive to any and all queries regarding the Kettering contest and will continue to be.....except in Rob's case.
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