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Originally Posted by Q_Done_Right View Post
IamMadMan...great info and I do agree. I posted this in a different section for catering, but what are your thoughts on all these “underground bbq” joints popping up around the country and cooking/selling from their homes to people they connect with via Instagram?

This is only a few of them and it’s apparently been going on for years now with some people. Obviously, we all know it’s 100% illegal, but I’m wondering why none of these guys has been sued yet and why they’re willing to take such extreme risk? And only a few of them have actually been caught...

Seems that above links are invalid or broken.

I do know of one family who sold Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Salads out of their driveway / garage on community yard sale day. They got away the first year with a sizeable profit, the second year they were cited and had fines totaling just slightly north of $8,000.00.

Although I can't see your articles because of the bad links, if it's a food truck, they are covered. But I did see an article awhile back where they would host a BBQ party in a back yard and tweet it. Many said it was the best BBQ they had, but the article didn't state if monies were exchanged or not. I would presume if there were no funds exchanged, it would be legal.... Simply guests arriving to socialize with each other.

But any type of exchange (Money, Goods, Services, ect) and that idea goes down the drain.
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