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Default Should I charge them?

Hey folks,

I am not a caterer or restaurateur. I have worked in restaurants and cooked many times for school fairs, church functions, and large camp outs. I have cooked for as many as 500 people. Food safety is of utmost importance to me. I joke that I am not a chef, but I am responsible for making sure that no one gets salmonella. I say all this to explain that, all though I am not a caterer, I am comfortable that I can help the neighbor who asked me to cook for his business association.

He saw my new Shirley and asked if I would cater their party in September. We are still in discussions as to timing, menu, and number of people. He said, "We'd like to hire you for our party."

Now here's my question: If you are my friend, I'll cook for any party you have as long as you cover my costs. However, in this particular case, I kinda know the neighbor and he's not paying, his business association is. My concern is that if I do it "at cost", they will expect me to do so in the future. Should I charge them a fee above my cost? If so, any suggestions on what to charge? Should I charge per head? per pound? a flat fee? Help!


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