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Rib loins that size from Sam's or Costco will garner you approximatly 20 servings per loin (that's what I would figure since you're having two proteins). I always figure on 15 per, but that is for a single protein...and I always have leftover rib to bring home. Also, I have always allowed the customer standing in front of me to dictate the size. You'll get a few 1.5"ers, a bunch of 1"ers, and a few .5"ers. You never know the shape of the loin so going by thickness is strictly a guess (but every method is a guess I suppose). Some loins are shorter & fatter...others are longer & a bit more skinny.

Deciding what internal temp to get the loins has never really been an issue for me. I like cooking at a low temp and getting edge-to-edge color, but there's something to be said for cooking at 350 and getting multiple temps in the same loin. For the most part people are fine with med-rare. I never ask what temp they like...I just show them the side I'm cutting, place the knife where "I" want to cut it, and ask if the size is ok with them. Those that want a cut that's more done will me. I cook my loins at the restaurant at around 200 degrees, but here I have the luxury of being able to cook to temp/to order. On a catering I would cook at 350, and take it around 125. The loin IT will rise a solid 10 degrees as they hold for service. Always take a full loin out of the oven 10 degrees shy of your target temp.

Also, this is a one is expecting a crunchy crust (I don't like that anyway). There is no need for a CVAP or other expensive equipment. When you take the loins out of the oven, or off the pit, just place them in a very clean cooler. I don't wrap rib loins when doing this. I just stack the naked loins in the cooler on top of one another. PRO TIP: [The loins will steam in the cooler. When this steam condenses it will run down the exterior of the meat taking seasoning with it. At the end of the day, when it's time for YOUR prime rib, that juice in the bottom of the cooler is the best au jus you can ask for.] Just be responsible and fully clean & sanitize the cooler before putting RTE food inside.

Disclamer: I have cooked close to 2,000 ribeye loins in my life...take it for what it's worth.
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