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Originally Posted by BeastMode View Post
Thanks Gore! I'm thinking 3 15 lb and may one 10 lb roasts? When I do my prime rib I cook it to medium rare. Have you dealt with those who thought it was too "bloody" and wanted it to cook a little more or wanted to know if they could get a slice with a little less pink? I'll be holding the meat in a cvap and wouldn't have a hot grill to sear if requested. Hopefully it won't be an issue considering most people wanting prime should know how it's cooked properly.
You will get all types, of course, and it is best to be prepared, especially when catering. For the most part, people at these events are pretty forgiving because they've been to plenty and expect mediocre food. They all know exactly how it should be cooked, but unfortunately, they don't agree and it'll run the spectrum from rare all the way to well done. My brother is a doctor and he told me he went to when where he was given a large slab of prime rib that was cold and he couldn't even tell if it had been cooked. Said it was the strangest event he'd attended. The prime rib was served chilled and raw. He said it was pretty gross because prime rib is fatty and cold fat isn't pleasant to eat, but they just laughed off the nouveau cuisine. Usually you save the ends for those who like it well done, and there definitely will be some. I cooked prime rib for our neighbors from Texas one Christmas. We'd been friends for years and I thought I knew him. Boy was I wrong. His wife was cool though. I'd definitely have some prepared more toward the ruined end of the scale just in case my neighbor shows up with some of his friends. I know others have a pot of au jus that is hot and handy. For those wanting it well done, they simply cut a slice and keep it in the pot for a few minutes. The good thing about people who prefer their meat well done is that they don't typically eat a lot of meat.
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