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Originally Posted by Gore View Post
Didn't see anyone respond yet. I hosted one with prime rib and turkey and I don't think any of the turkey was eaten at all. My recommendation: if these are doctors and rich people and you want to make an impression, don't scrimp. The last thing anybody wants is to come back to their seat wishing they had a bigger slice, or thinking they're going to have to go back 3 more times. If I wanted to make an impression, I'd have the carver set the knife about 3" from the end and say, "Is that enough, or would you like it larger?" Everyone will move the knife back to a 1/2" or 1" slice, but they will definitely comment at the table afterward and say how wonderful the caterer is. Doubling up on the prime rib is not going to set you back that much, $5 per person in meat cost, plan on 1" per person. That's not much to make a great impression and these people aren't going to bat an eye. They just want a good time. I've heard about a few of these events and they drop a lot of money on them. I have a friend still talking about one event where everyone had a 2" thick slab of prime rib, "too much to eat, but boy was it good." They all made sure to get that caterer every time.
Thanks Gore! I'm thinking 3 15 lb and may one 10 lb roasts? When I do my prime rib I cook it to medium rare. Have you dealt with those who thought it was too "bloody" and wanted it to cook a little more or wanted to know if they could get a slice with a little less pink? I'll be holding the meat in a cvap and wouldn't have a hot grill to sear if requested. Hopefully it won't be an issue considering most people wanting prime should know how it's cooked properly.
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