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Default Catering prime rib

Hello brethren!

I just booked a catering gig in February for abiut 60-65 people for a medical corporation who are looking for "higher" end bbq. They specifically mentioned prime rib and/or brisket along with a white meat, baked potatoes , and mac n cheese. They want carving stations for each meat and a bake potato bar and salad station or another vegetable i should recommend. The organizer said there will mostly be doctors and other important people and want a fancy type set up and display.

I recommended prime rib and turkey breast. My question is should I buy and serve prime rib based on 1/2 inch slices? This is probably my 3rd official catering gig but first time catering prime rib. I can get the 15-17 lb Costco or Sams club bonless prime rib logs for around $130+ but may wait till Christmas time when they run their sales. I trying to figure out what to charge based on me setting up their fancy display and carving stations requirements. I really need to nail this thing because I feel it will bring me clientele of this type. Can any of you vets at doing this help a brethren out and throw ideas my way of how you would go about it and price it. They will have a meeting on Tuesday next week to discuss and I need to have a some pricing for them. Thanks!
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