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Well I think I'm improving! We got first place in brisket a week ago in Belgium and this time we also had the slices in the box

It probed really really soft, almost no resistance so naturally I thought we overcooked it once again.

But to my surprise it was pretty darn close! So it must be that I usually miss the really soft feeling and the brisket starts to tighten up. And hence there is more resistance when probing after that point.

We sliced the flat after it had rested for about half an hour loosely in foil just to verify the doneness. It was pretty springy, almost not done enough. We put it away wrapped in foil to slice it closer to turn in time.

When we started slicing again the texture had totally changed! It was almost overdone, no springyness anymore. We were quite surprised. Could the small drop in temperature affect texture that much? I've never seen that kind of sudden change in texture when resting...
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