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In the last 6-7 years I have had incidents that caused me to reexamine how I look at life. All through my 30's I thought I was 25 and bulletproof. There was always tomorrow.

Now in my early 40's, I have come to realize that life really is too short. The subject of the original post was early 50's when he passed last year. I had another friend who was 42. He was a huge runner and very fit. He went for a jog after work and died from a massive heart attack. Yet another friend (43), also very fit, was recently diagnosed with colon cancer.

I am determined to live my life and enjoy every minute I can with family and friends. Barbeque is just one of the ways I do it.


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Your original post really moved me and help me further articulate something I'd already seen and felt. It came at a time for me when my father was beginning his decline as cancer was sucking his life away.

I used to write a lot about his idea of BBQ vs. mine. We were complete BBQ opposites. And yet, the time spent behind the grill with him to this day is some of the best time in my life. I cherish every memory.

We lost him last July. I would love to tell you that cancer took him mercifully fast; it didn't. It was slow, and aweful.

I haven't cooked BBQ since his passing, but the old Lang is looking mighty pitiful sitting there unused. I think it's time I made a few more friends, and rekindled a few old friendships.
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