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Brethren ventures is a Subscription Based set of forums within our For Sales Section. We do not allow business owners to pimp or promote thir products in the public forums. This is to avoid our forum from becoming a big billboard, and be over run b y folks selling product. WE will allow business owners to promote their product in their own vendor forum. To have a forum created, a vendor or business owner must purchase the vendors subscription. We will then create your forum after receiving the forums description from you.

Its a way for us to give back to members who have contributed to our forums knowledge base to help us build up the best BBQ site on the net. It is designed for members who have THEIR OWN PRODUCTS or BBQ related business to promote themselves as well as offer customer service. We also hope their customers post testimonials, recommendations, questions, etc... It in no way reflects a recommendation, endorsement or guarantee of the product or the business by our forum or its membership.

Based on tenure and quality of postings these members have proven they are not here just to sell their stuff. With this, we now offer the opportunity to use our forum to offer their products to our members, post promotions and advertise the product, and for members to assist in their growth, post testimonials, ask questions and review the products.

Your product must be directly BBQ related and be your own. You must have some tenure and have proven you are here as a member and not just a driveby looking to advertise. Only then you can be considered for the ventures forum. Please dont send in any requests if you have just arrived, or have not posted anything significant. Not to sound harsh, but the answer is no, and you will not receive a response.

I would like to note..
  • This is for VENTURES.. This is NOT to promote websites, blogs, forums, or any products that are not BBQ related.
  • There must be a product involved besides yourself. The only exception is, we will allow forums to promote individual contests.
  • Forum Rules that pertain to the forum in general pertains here too. This means the good, the bad, the ugly. Posts that reflect negatively will remain unless they break a forum rule.
  • A vendor subscription does not exempt vendors from any of our general guidelines.
  • Vendor subscriptions are unrelated to banner ads, Google adsense or any other advertising on the site.
  • Vendor Subscriptions do not entitle vendors to hawk and promote products in other sections of the forum.
We hope it is used for growth of your business, not just hawking your product. For example, feedback on product, websites, help on product startup, licensing, ideas for promotion, reviews, testimonials, etc.. It is us HELPING you..

BTW.....they are *** ON TOPIC *** forums.
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