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Watching over us.
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Never met this man face to face but.....sitting hear with tears in my eyes. I always enjoyed..... chatting...with KC but now I will have to chat with him by another means. Phil, thanks for starting a new thread for our first friend who has left us physically. Sad part is this is only a starting point for us all. Today is a very special day in my life........My birthday and my second anniversary. Today has been much different than pure happiness. Passing of Steve the Crock Hunter who I thoroughly enjoyed. Now KCQUER.
Guess what ive been saying all along is true. We never know when a friend or loved one is going to pass through this planet called Earth. Therefore Brethren Brothers please hug and cherish your time with your friends and loved ones every chance you get.
This fall bash is gonna even be more important to me than ever. I get to meet the the folks who make this site so interesting. Advice and jokes and other types of discussion.
May sound kinda gay.............aint no damned way in hell but hugs to all the members of the Brethern and their loved ones.
Our thoughts and prayers to Scott and his family.
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