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190 for angus and 180 for kobe or awagu(sp?) briskets,
You guys may know this but Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is different than Angus by any other name (Angus Pride, Real Angus etc.) The CAB program regrades the carcasses and chooses only the ones that meet their criteria which makes it a higher grade of USDA Choice. It has very little to do with the fact that the cow is the Angus breed. They only need to be a certain percentage angus bloodline anyway to call them that. CAB was a great idea and still produces excellent meat but it was also a great marketing idea that many others have ripped it off without the actual regrading part.

Age 50 days.. in the cryovac... if it does develop a leak, which I have seen after a week sometimes, would it be ok to foodsaver/vacum seal it again and return it to the fridge to finish aging? Or is it once the seal breaks ya gotta use it.
I wouldn't try resealing it. Presumably it's done originally in a sterile enviroment and the breakdown could suck some bad stuff in with the air. Freeze it or cook it.

after 50 days.... does it need to be shaved/scraped? I've removed steaks from cryo after 2-3 weeks and they got that old steak smell.. got a little brown on them... they need a good shave and haircut.
No, if the original packaging stays intact and it's kept cold there shouldn't be any brown on there. The smell is a beefy strong but good smell. This is different than dry aging. There shouldn't be any mold. There may be some discoloring on the cut edge along the side. It looks almost cured there. I trim that off but it's probably not necessary.

after it reaches temp and you foil and remove.. why specifically fat cap up? I probably do it that way most of the time, but only because that seems to be the top, no other reason.. Whats the reasoning/difference behind fat cap up once its wrapped?
During the cooking the top will get a nice bark and maybe even a little crusty. I like to rest it so that will sit in the juices and be soft when I go to slice it.
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