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Hey Doc, thanks for the insight. Rule of thumb among us is about the same as yours... 190 for angus and 180 for kobe or awagu(sp?) briskets, then wrap in foil and cooler for as long as you can stand it(4-6 hours is good but difficult when your dribbling on your shirt staring at the cooler). But.. questions..

Age 50 days.. in the cryovac... if it does develop a leak, which I have seen after a week sometimes, would it be ok to foodsaver/vacum seal it again and return it to the fridge to finish aging? Or is it once the seal breaks ya gotta use it.

after 50 days.... does it need to be shaved/scraped? I've removed steaks from cryo after 2-3 weeks and they got that old steak smell.. got a little brown on them... they need a good shave and haircut.

after it reaches temp and you foil and remove.. why specifically fat cap up? I probably do it that way most of the time, but only because that seems to be the top, no other reason.. Whats the reasoning/difference behind fat cap up once its wrapped?
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