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I feel your pain. I was looking at doing the same thing in Jersey before Covid hit. Hard as hell to find real answers, and the smoker trailer is a bit of a unique thing, that can't be found around here. Here is what I recommend. Go to commercial kitchens and learn from them everything you can. You may/may not end up needed a membership at one of these, and they love to share info in an effort to get members. Some even do workshops. In Jersey, you have to have a permit for every town you want to sell in. So start with your local town, go to the city offices (many times if need be) and track down the official in charge. Bring pictures of your trailer and build so he can give you ideas of what is missing. There's a newish company in Essex County called Smoke Shed BBQ. Although they mostly do online business, shipping their product all over, they do have a trailer and large smokers. See if you can reach out to the via facebook and if they'll spend some time with you.
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