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Originally Posted by mtm84uk View Post
There are plenty of "Food Trucks" but i don't know any that are just a Smoker on a trailer.

Do you understand what i mean?

It is all very confusing and like i said, i have had several different answers from Westchester Gov department.
Please dont take this as an attack, but you have had a few people give you advice and you dont really seem to like the advice given. And your reason is because everything is confusing and you will be just a smoker on a trailer.

It is hard to give advice for a "smoker on a trailer" but food trucks in area would sure know a lot.

But to take things a bit different direction. The only way to know for sure is to go talk to health dept and either taking notes or aski if they have something to give to help with what is needed.

In my area in my town a food truck would have to have a license, but since I was a homeowner I did not have to pay fee. However if I went to bigger city the fee was quite big for a year and heaven forbid if an event was coming to town, someone would sure see dollar signs. Yet if I went to the fairgrounds I wouldnt have to pay any of those kind of fees, however the fairgrounds would require a lot larger food liability insurance, and if mine wasnt big enough they would sell something to add to it.

I say all that simply to say same county but different areas have different requirements. And even what the county requires is different for different areas.

Then if i went to farmers market in town in different county but 8 miles away their health department requirements are different than mine. Friends who vend and cater in bigger cities have totally different requirements yet still same state.

So the folks offering advice are giving good advice but in truth we cant answer what is actually required in your area but if you actually talk with someone in person I bet they would be more than willing to help.

Sorry if that came across wrong it was not my intent.
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