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Thanks for the pointers. I've already got all that I need accept for a new set of steel straps to get the skillet a little deeper into the firebox, so I think that'll be relatively cheap for me. Was that a Lodge brand skillet? Do you just use a pair of channel locks to pick it up if you need to add fuel or wood?
I used a Bayou Classic from Amazon, ~$30, I pick it up with pot holders to add lump, rarely needed.

BTW, I was going to bend up strap steel like yours, but had to "heat and beat" to get the bends as clean as I wanted. I finally just caved and spent the $$ on the CGS piece. It is overpriced for what it is, but it is exceptionally well made, very thick material, and I am really glad I bought it. I am very frugal, and have no regret whatsoever.
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