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Could have really used thirdeye or rick on this photo; does not give it justice at all. The colors were amazing.

My wife noticed something too... as I was watching a movie in the bedroom I brought the plate in (she saw me do this) and ate at the bed. I took it back and washed it.... she came in just now (4 hours roughly since she ate it) and talked about how good the little personal roast was and looked for the plate. She could not believe the plate was not in there because she said it smelled like the roast in the room. As she looked for it she kept going on and on about how there was no roast left and the smell was making her hungry again. Eventually she left though.

I didn't have the heart to tell her I farted a huge fart. You know that ones so massive it takes no pushing at all and your sphincter sort of gets hurt from the massive ossilations... then you feel cold air as the outside air comes rushing in just before ur but closes up. So recipe is guaranteed be an advertisement for the dish itself.
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