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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by The Anchorman View Post
well cfbeagle you can do what you want. if you want to cook like they do in New Jersey thats well and good. It probably is ok to have your product taste like all the rest of the canned beans. Heck lots of succesful restaurants and cafeterias do that all the time. If you are concerned about what goes into your product and you want be able to say that you made them and mean it, then hand made is always the way to go.

You will hear both sides of the story on this one.

Heck nobody has to know how to cook anymore, you just have to know how to order...
Originally Posted by OC PIG ASSASSINS View Post
I am very serious. Making a simple thing like baked beans is a waste of time imo. You can get store purchased and add to them if you want. They are way to cheap to buy, why make them? Concentrate on the important things.
Guys, let's relax... I've done it both ways, in fact they are both on my menu...
Originally Posted by OC PIG ASSASSINS View Post
One thing I can do is cook, there is no question about that. Actually, probably better than you!!!!! Work smarter not harder. I know you make all of your sauces and rubs for competition too.
No one is saying you can't cook... I agree, I much prefer to work smarter than harder, but if my customer wants the 'Real' baked beans, he also knows that I'm going to charge for them.
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