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Originally Posted by poorolddan View Post
What I've seen while strolling around big events like a fair is that people gravitate to the vendors with the biggest wall of claims to fame. Your sales will be based on this and your location. If you are close to a big name vendor or next to the hog barn you will suffer. I'd expect more like 3-5% of attendance but cook for 6-8% to start with you have several days to unload any leftovers. 5% of 427,000 is over 21,000 servings. 21,000 6oz pork sandwiches will take 15,750 ponds of pork butt. Do you have that capacity and staff?
I figured the location would play a big part of it. If you take that 21,700 and divide it by 7 days then that's 3100 people a day. I will have a Ole Hickory EL-ED/X smoker so the capacity shouldn't be a issue.

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