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Originally Posted by gaspipe1 View Post
Hey DC_BBQ I am glad to hear that you where able to get it sandblasted.. 2 quick Q's did the paint peal from the outside? And what did he charge you? I just got the new drum and it looks good. I will post some pics here and let the pro's be the judge

Regarding seasoning.. I rubbed crisco all over the inside and had the fire rip for 2 hours at 400*.
It was $50 and the inside came back as silver as the Tin Man. The outside paint was mostly fine. A little was worn off at the top. I am thinking about doing a custom paint job. Maybe Redskins because I am a gluten for punishment.

Last night I seasoned it with some old duck fat I had in the freezer. Got it going the way described in this post using mesquite.

Had it dialed in at 225 in 20 minutes and it held that temp for four hours. The last two with some chicken leg qtrs in a simple rub. Sorry didnít have any sausage to make the required first fatty. They came out wonderfully moist with the meat falling off the bone.

One question do you long time drum users have much of a problem with fat at the bottom of the barrel. There was a little in mine this morning. Iím not sure if it was the chicken or I put too much duck fat on the sides for the seasoning. But I know if I do a lot of ribs not all the fat will drip on the fire grate. I am wondering how to keep that part clean.
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