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Originally Posted by DC_BBQ View Post
Hey ColTrain

How did you clean up the easyoff way down at the bottom? That is some toxic stuff.
The first day when I was cleaning the bottom, I literally just held my breath. The liner came out super easy - I could almost just grab and peal the liner off with just my (gloved) hand. I have pretty long arms and could reach the top 2/3 of the barrel without sticking my head in there.

Yesterday I took the lid off and let it sit for about 4 hours and by the time I started working on it there was almost no odor. I then took the wire wheel to it (only took about 5 minutes with the wire wheel) and mopped up as much of the junk in the barrel as I could with paper towels. I wasn't too concerned with exposure by that time, but I still alternated working on the bottom and top so my head wasn't stuck in the barrel too long.

If you have a pressure washer, that would be the way to go. The liner came out so easy I think I could have just used a garden hose with a nozzle, but I didn't want the barrel to sit too long and rust up.
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