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Originally Posted by AKMIMNAK View Post
Yes, I need to get the expanded metal ASAP. Will be a big help. KBB will do the job, I just think lump is the better tool.

Yeah, I know a lot of guys like doing it this way. The "power" method :) Personally, I am not a fan of propane tanks. It's a pain to me having them lying around taking up space and having to exchange empties. If I had a pickup and a house with property and storage, maybe. But I live in a townhouse with no yard to call my own and a small garage. And worse, no pickup. I don't want propane tanks around. Plus, a chimney of lump might be 50 cents. Not really wasting too much, just a preferred way of starting.
I rather the weed burner over charcoal, but the propane tank does get to be a hassle. When my new smoker is ready, this time I am going to go with one of the long torches that run off of the small green bottles you can get at walmart. The torch is maybe $50 on amazon. Easier and quicker than messing with charcoal for me. And the plus of no propane tanks to haul around.
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