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Yep, 24"X72". Its a 1/4" wall propane tank. Door width is 54" as are the cooking grates; bottom grate is 23-1/2 deep, top grate is 18" deep. Grate spacing is a little bit of a trade-off, probably more so if you squeeze 2 into a 20" diameter. My top grate only has 4-1/2 inches of top clearance to the edge of the door opening, plenty for ribs, split chicken and medium briskets, not enough for butts, big briskets or whole chickents/turkeys, they go on the bottom grate and for really big stuff (whole hog) I just remove the top grate.
Yep, I find RF gives a very consistent temp range across the cook chamber, very consistent cooking and smoke and very predictable fire, fuel usage and cook times. But then, I've done a bunch of cooking on it. I suspect whatever you build, if you spend enough time getting to know it you will figure it out and get some great results.
QUOTE=CtTradArcher;2490954]Dave, Seems you have the best of both worlds. Good thought being able to switch. And yet being able to do so, you are finding RF to be preferable. Is your diameter 24"? I notice you have an upper rack.[/QUOTE]
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