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Default Secrets and Recipes

We just finished up the last events we have booked for 2017 and it brings a end to our 8th year in business. We were fortunate to see a minimum of a 20% growth rate every year since opening out catering business until this year which will end with a small down turn but pretty equal to last year. The lack of growth is due to I have reached a maximum level of what I can achieve without more manpower. While I have a part time staff of 8-12 people to help with on site events I have never hired people to help in the kitchen/cooking side of it. We all probably have some recipes or ways of doing things that we'd like to keep secret. How do you relinquish some of this to employees and expect it to not to get released or shared? I have a friend who owns a very successful rub company and when talking to him I was surprised to find out that all of his employees knew the recipe's for all of his rubs. How do you deal with this?
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