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Let me add one more thought about the future to this discussion--building on Rod's comment about "numbers".

We actively encourage members to get certified and to actually go judge.
It helps teams learn and supports our sport.

And--our numbers are growing weekly.
And--we love (rightfully so) our Brethren attire with our beloved Flaming Pig.
And--we are all social animals by nature. We love to cook and to eat

So--in a year or two:
2 or 3 "Brethren teams" are flying the banner at a major (or local) event.
15 or 20 "Brethren Judges" (1/3rd of the judges) show up to judge.
We "judges" all wear our attire and "hang" a lot (whatever that is) or a little (whatever that is) with our Brothers Teams on Friday night.

At the very least, the Rep is gonna have a heck of a time seperating all the judges wearing the Brethren attire to seperate tables (the same as they do when Dave and I as team-mates with Brethren hats show up)!

Let's add to the confusion--we have all spent a lot of time together on Fri (or whenever)-----?

Now, if the 2 Brethren affiliated teams wind up DAM (dead ass middle) or less--"who cares"??? Answer--no one.

But, let one or both of them get GC or RGC or place high in several meats....?? Answer--everyone!

And guys--this will happen! Not a matter of "IF", but "WHEN"
We are geting that big!

So, IMHO, this whole discussion will become very critical in the next few years. Our reputation as responsible competetors, judges, and supporters of competetive BBQ are on the line as we grow.

I intend to support the whole system of competitive BBQ as I stated before.

Great discussion!

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