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Originally Posted by LoneStarBarbeque Co. View Post
Looks like good eats! Is that your own rub on the ribs and pork? I like the looks with the pepper spots. Let's eat!
None of these are mine. They ARE samples from the Texas Meccas.

Rub is Salt, Pepper and maybe Cayenne.

That's it. No injections, no marinades, no low and slow (they do hot and fast and rest), no foil, no boil of course (they don't even boil their Pintos), no glazes, no sauces unless on the side, no flips, no wrap (except they do wrap the meatier chunks in butcher paper and place back in a 150 - 180 holding smoker), no stokers, no pellets, no charcoal, no lump, no slathers, no mustard coatings, no gurus, no rotisseries, no convection fans, no gas, no MTQ (although that IS a traditional chemical), no panning, no Mops, no sprays, no temp probes. NO FREAKIN PARSELY, LETTUCE, no trimming (oddly even at the onset), no kidding.

I think I my ressurect my campaign for there to be a BRICK PITS ONLY section of BBQ competitions.

I think Big Bob Gibson's chicken, until he dipps it in the white sauce, is the closest thing I have seen at competition to trad BBQ. He uses salt and pepper only with an olive oil dip when he flips.
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