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I gotcha Funk brother, but I am very interested in the Yardbird. I make my own rib rubs and everything I cook is from scratch. True home cookin'. So I do understand the concept of making your own. I have my spices sent in bulk from Buckhorn Spices in my hometown of Pine Bluff. I have a lot.

But one thing I have learned. If you do not eat any other food besides your own, ( restaurants, other peoples food period) your desire for new will dwindle and you will be basically cooking the same way with the same ole spices. Trying different things is a break from the norm and also an inspiration.

I also would be supporting a fellow Brother on this site so cost is not that big of a deal.
Then it sound like your making a sound decision. Hell for 12 years I ground my own spice, even got to where I would roll the peppercorns with a roller to get the frit just right.

Then one day someone passed me Montreal Steal seasoning and damn if it was not to the "T" LOL

But discovering what blend of spices gets you the crispiest bbq chick skin (technique has something to do with it too) is serendipity
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