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Default UDS Build and first cook With pron!

So here it is. My first UDS build and cook. The UDS is not quite complete. I need another 90 degree to put the ball valve on, but they only had one at the time. I had building and cooking to do and couldn't wait on the parts to get started. The thing also needs paint, but I am still deciding on how I want to paint it, so that will wait a couple of days, too.

The build went well, it only took a couple of hours. All I needed was a drill, a screwdriver, and a couple of other hand tools...there are some things I would do differently on the next build, but nothing major.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to the design process (everybody who has posted in any UDS thread on the forum) and specifically Barbarian, who sent a parts list and some diagrams. I deviated some from them, but that is the idea, as I understand it.

Oh yeah, the pron is HERE
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