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Got rid of the matchlight.
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Default Peoria MMIF question...

New to the board. I am extremely interested in getting a very nice pit. I'm from Michigan, so not exactly a ton of options up here. Peoria is reasonable driving distance for me, and I've heard great things about them. MMOF is probably out of my price range because I'd want to pretty it up, and that's just too much. The MMIF on the other hand, is doable. I've seen every video on it I can think of, and am extremely impressed by it. Plus living up here in the north, having that type of insulation is just an awesome feature in my book, and greatly needed.
With all that being said, I do have a couple concerns that I would like to have answered if I could. First off, while the guru is great, not sure I'd want to use it every time I smoked something. In saying that, how is the ability to control the temps by just using the vents? Can it hold the temperature extremely well still without the guru? I'm assuming so, but not certain. Also, obviously with the internal firebox, you lose cooking space. If you don't have the extension on, I'm assuming you can still put the lid on and the grate goes over it and you can still use that space for smoking correct? Just wondering if that is possibly a cold spot? Smoke flow goes to the left, and that area above the firebox seems ignored to me as far as smoke goes. Am I off base? Thanks for any input.
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