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Originally Posted by Crotonmark View Post
Hi. Just joined the site last weekend.
Hope you don't mind sone questions:

Why does brisket have to rest? For how long? What do you mean by putting it in a cooler? With ice or just on its own?

If you need to start at around 300* how do you bring a charcoal weber down to 225*?

What do you all think of Steve Raichlen's book? I have been using it to learn.

Thanks ahead of time.

first of all, welcome aboard!
now for your questions.
brisket isn't the only meat that needs to rest. most smoked/grilled meats do. when cooking meat, the moisture is forced toward the outer parts of the meat. resting lets the juices go back to the inner parts of the meat. when folks say they rest in a cooler, it is w/o ice. just the meat(usually foiled and then wrapped in towels/blankets. the cooler is just used as an insulator to keep the temp from dropping too quickly. to bring a cooker down in temp, reduce the oxygen(ie-reduce vent openings). I like Raichlen's books. they provide an excellent baseline for technique/flavor/recipe that you can adjust to your liking w/o being overly technical.
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