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Default What do I do now? (messed up)

Last night at 7:30 I put two 8# butts on the WSM, along with 16# of Kingsford.
I set the vents where I normally do and didn't open the lid until this morning at 7:30.

The I.T. was 172 and the dome temp was 125. The fire is all but ashes.

Now...I assume the meat got to proper IT based on 16# of charcoal being consumed. I *think* that's safe to say.

But...the food was sitting there for who knows how long below safe temperature.

I've foiled them both and put them in the oven. I figure I at least need to get them hot enough to burn off any germmies that are present (?)

The meat does seem kinda tough, but it is very juicy. I tried some and it tastes great.

Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks in advance.
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