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Originally Posted by Thermal Mass View Post
Thanks, I have been wanting to make some belly!!
Looks awesome!
Side note: I was at the store day before yesterday and all but the sale bacon was $6.99/lb!! Are you FARKING KIDDING??
What did you pay for the belly, if you don't mind??
Thanks again for the great thread!
I got this belly for $4.25/lb. It's a bit more expensive than regular confinement hogs, however I can't find any belly anywhere for a better price. I have a friend in Chicago that gets it for less than $3/lb.

I think the problem is the butchers here are selling it at high price cause they can just cure it and sell as bacon and make more money. My normal butcher sells sliced bacon for $4.99 but belly for $4.49. There's no way that even covers the labor to prep and slice slab. I'd like to ask them sometime if they'll slice my bacon for $0.50/lb.

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