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Originally Posted by Tough old man View Post
I looked at your pics. nice set up. Did you end up welding those plates together?

I could put in 2 6" pipes and drill holes in them all the way down starting with smaller holes going up if you think that would work. I know they wouldn't give off as much heat but will it be enough to do the trick.

I live in Baja, Mexico and everything you purchase is in full lengths meaning I would have to buy a 4' x 8' sheet of plating. LOL, I'm 70 yrs old 6' 255 lb weightlifter and stronger then a team of goats, but a 4 x 8 x 1/4" is not going to be the lightest to move around by yourself.....
One thing I can say about my setup is I agree with Tuscaloosa.

I think I get a lot of my heat radiating from the plates. I know when I open my cooking chamber door, after I close it the heat recovers very quickly. the plates are 1/4"

Does take a long time to heat up when I first light it, but thats the nature of the beast.

I also took HD foil to seal those little triangular areas off.

I have read that ceramic tile works good. But use unfinished tile. Thats what I read anyway
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