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Originally Posted by rufio View Post
Quick Q,

Living in Ireland there is zero old Weber Kettle Grill Lids knocking around so i'll be getting my lid straight from Weber.

Obviously I'll be looking for the 57cm (22inch) lid. But I don't know which option to go for.
Width 63cm Depth 74cm Height 109cm
Width 59cm Depth 66cm Height 99cm
Width 59cm Depth 65cm Height 124cm

Opinions would be much appreciated - Note: I don't have a barrel yet, so if any of the above doesn't confirm to a "standard" drum then please let me know.
If you get the WSM there really isn't much reason to build a uds. It pretty much does the same thing.

I like the classic one touch, I really don't think the more expensive one touch gold really adds much.

I almost got a trip to Shannon this weekend, could have brought you a lid. But a couple of my coworkers are going instead.
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