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Originally Posted by JimDandysNYDan View Post
My brisket sucks!!!....I spent 15 hours cooking a brisket on Sunday and I was really hoping that this time I would have good results. But as usual, it came out like a big pile of chit. I am just so disgusted. Thank God I was too drunk at that point that I couldn't throw it across the yard...LOL. I'm not sure exactly what went wrong, maybe it was the spike in temperature or when the flames danced in the cooking chamber for a bit. Or it could have been when I foiled and coolered it and my drunk arse forgot to put broth in the foil. I can't even bring myself to posting pics of the massacre. God I hate cooking brisket.
Go get another brisket and do it again, Grasshopper! Cooking over and over is the only way you are going to improve.

On another note: I would have split a gut to seen pics of you drunk off your arse flinging your briskie
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