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Default Relative humidity inside RF cooker?

Hi all,

This "dry bulb" and "wet bulb" temperature thing is pretty new to me. I constructed a wet bulb thermometer and compared the readings between dry and wet on my self-made RF smoker.

It seems to run pretty low on relative humidity, around 10-20%. Does anyone know what is considered a normal humidity inside a typical RF smoker? I was running mine hot & fast at 300 F.

Most people dismiss using water on RF plate, but I think I'll have to give it a shot at least once... Also the meat seems to dry out before I wrap at four hours, so getting the stall point up would probably help.

Also what could be the reasons for low humidity inside RF chamber? Leaky doors? Too much draft? Too little draft?

I also measured my large BGE, it was running at around 40% RH when doing low & slow. Haven't measured it yet in hot & fast. This was without water pan.
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