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Talking torching sir francis drake - lighting a large egg with a weed burner

here's how i lit the large egg last night in preparation for baking pizza.

make a hole in the used charcoal all the way down to the charcoal grate for better airflow

add medium and large lump pieces in the hole

put the fire to it! fly, spark fairies, fly!

pulse the turbo trigger so as to make the fire "breathe" like this

dfmt completely off, bottom draft door and spark screen completely open

the fire grows down toward the air supply

close the spark screen and close the draft door halfway. put the dfmt on and close the slider about halfway

put the grid on to burn off any of the last cook. see the charcoal "crust" developing over the inferno?

break up the "crust" and let the flames out

insert plate setter and pizza stone

the dome temp drops because of the added cold ceramic mass. do not change the draft settings. just wait...

give all the ceramic time to stabilize at about 420

open the lower draft door some if you need to in order to reach your target temp, 550 in this case

time to bake!

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