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Default Fire start-up, TS250 versus Lang84

Hello all! I just picked a used MC Ts250,I have Lang 60 and Lang 84. I generally use 100% sticks, not usually lump unless I need to take a break for a long while.

QUESTION: It took me a lot longer yesterday to get her to 300 degrees compared to my Lang 84, which does not have insulated firebox. Is operation the same to start up a MC Ts250 versus Lang84?

My lang start-up is Firebox door stightly ajar and one of the cooker doors propped open an inch or so to get things drafting, hit 300, brush & steam clean, close things up, adjust vents for 230. I DID NOTICE the sweet spot on the TS250 was gauges at 200, (grates at 250 to 275) compared to the langs 230 degrees gauges and +/- 10 grates. Any and all comments are welcome.
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