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Default Hot holding questions for event

I have a big bbq event upcoming. It's at 1 on a saturday, so I'm figuring out logistics. 250+ ppl Brisket, pork belly burnt ends, and chicken lollipops are the meats.

I'll be starting the brisket at one location friday 3 ish and hot holding, then bringing my smoker to the event where I'll finish. I figure I'll be on location about 7am. I was thinking about possible starting the burnt ends early (like 5am) just to give myself some breathing room. Would they be ok to hot hold for 3-4 hrs? I imagine if I keep them sauced they won't lose moisture, has anyone done this?

I have a couple carlisle cateraides and a cambro. Will the brisket be ok holding from 630 ish till 2? Are they gonna look like pot roast?
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