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Originally Posted by AZMANNIMAL View Post
I have tried it multiple ways.

3. Pulled, let cool, vacuum sealed (or double zip lock) then right from freezer to boiling water until to temperature.
Of all the different ways the best results have always been with #3. Only advice is you need to be careful about how much extra juice you put in before freezing. If you put too much it can come out a bit mushy.
I do this except I do not boil the bag as it further cooks the meat and can create a mushy texture as you describe.

If you pull your butts off the smoker when the bone wiggles like a loose tooth the meat is perfectly done and not mushy. I chill the drippings separately, skim off the hardened fat and add approximately 4 oz of congealed drippings per pound of pulled pork and vac-seal in flat 3 lb packages (use whatever size suits your personal needs). When reheating the pork I bring a large pan to boil, then turn off the flame and let the thawed vac-sealed bag sit in the hot (not boiling) water for about 10 to 15 minutes until the product reaches 165 which is a safe serving temperature. The 3 lb bags when warmed will nicely fill a half sized pan.

I also put the congealed drippings in the bottom of the bag to void the corners of air on the larger bags. I've had pulled pork get lost in the freezer for over a year and it still tastes like it's fresh, never mushy.
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