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Found some matches.
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I have tried it multiple ways.
1. I have pulled it and into a disposable half pan then flash froze. Defrosted then put on the smoker the day of to bring to temperature (making everyone think it was fresh). Not bad but lots of work.
2. Left whole cooled and vac sealed then frozen, pulled from the freezer and put the bag into boiling water brought to temp then pulled.
3. Pulled, let cool, vacuum sealed (or double zip lock) then right from freezer to boiling water until to temperature.
Of all the different ways the best results have always been with #3. Only advice is you need to be careful about how much extra juice you put in before freezing. If you put too much it can come out a bit mushy. I now pull the pork and put it in the bag as it is and take the juice and put into a different bag. When reheat day comes boil the meat bag until ready and take the bag of defrosted juice and add as needed. This way seems to allow the pulled pork to have the taste and texture of just off the cooker.
You can actually do ribs the same way. you loose some of the bark but the flavor is still awesome.
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