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Just a quick note from a new member...(35 yrs as a food service professional) I came here looking for advice on cryovac safety. I was sure someone would have a definitive answer for my question: how long is cryovac packed meat good for? Well, there were two schools of thought expressed; one, the "indefinite", since the date is not usually stamped on cryovac packages; the other, offered personal experience and said, "not longer than six months." Well, I took a chance. I had a "Kentucky Legend" ham, cryovac sealed, but it had a date stamped on the outside. Feb 11, 2012 was as much as I could make out. I checked the supermarket, and the dates on their packages are all "Sell by" dates. That means the meat was probably packaged in late 2011, which would make the meat over 5 years old. As I cut into the plastic, I held the ham over the trash can as a precaution, expecting the stench of spoilage. As the juices started to flow out of the package, I put my finger in and tasted it. "Mmm, that tasted good" I thought, as I moved from the trash can to the kitchen sink. Five years that ham had been refrigerated, not frozen. And it baked up delicious. So, if I might weigh in on the cryovac discussion, I would go with the "indefinite". I shared that ham with some friends who complimented me on its yummy flavor. Oh, I did have a back-up plan...I had a chicken ready to roast if the ham hadn't been usable. Now, I can have chicken tomorrow. Thank you all for your input.
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