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My dearest Smoki,
I'm afraid your going into battle with a rubber sword... from your questions it is painfully obvious you are completly unaware of anything to do with competition BBQ other than what you see on the TV!
The first thing you need to do is spend some time reading and understanding the rules of whatever sanctiong body is sponsoring the contest. Next actually attend a local contest and observe the process first hand not the edited TV version. Visit with some teams and tell them of your desires to cook and ask lots of questions, most teams are more than willing to share. Then there is practice, lots of it.
Local backyard comps with just a couple catagories is a good way to start. It's less stress and less expense. A full blown KCBS contest is $600 to over $1000 so jumping in without full understanding of all that's involved will do nothing but sour the experience for you.
Good luck on your journey.
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