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Smile Really really basic question re: amount of food to turn in ++

Hi. Great site. I had a really basic question about competition Q that I cant find anywhere. From my understanding each judge (about 5 of them) each get 5 pieces of meat in a box. So if each judge gets 5 ribs, and there are 5 judges, you need to make at a minimum 25 ribs. OK thats fine.

But, for chicken, I have seen most box pictures online with 5 thighs in one box.... Is this a communial turn in box, or are we expected to turn in 5 boxes with 5 thighs each, for a total of 25 thighs for each judge to take one bite?? Seems excessive. Also, a lot of people have said they compete with only an 18" or 22" (or some combination)- how would 25 chicken thighs fit in pans (thats how I saw them do it on TV and on we )in a smoked this size (and round.)

I am interested in doing a local competition some point next year probably for just chicken or chicken and ribs just for fun, with buying one or two WSM 18" or 22", but wanted to make sure this was possible, so i was wondering about the chicken thighs. I have a large big green egg now, but would rather buy a wsm and stick it in my car than risk bringing an egg and it cracking.

Thanks guys!!!!! :)
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