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Default Re: Ugly Drum Smoker

Ok, plan on finishing my build this weekend, but I have one question. First I have ADD and my last day working on the drum it bit me in the arse. Without taking my parts list I FUBAR'd and got 1" fittings, got home, realized they didn't fit my 1" holes. So I start drilling and enlarging hole #1. Get the first nipple in, THEN it strikes me as odd it wouldn't fit, so I look at my list, :banghead: OHHH that's why was supposed to get 3/4". :( .
So back to Lowes get correct hardware as well as a 1" - 3/4 reducer. Got all installed and painted.
Hers the question. I lucked out, picked through a friends scrap pile and what do I find but 36" pipe, elbow and ball valve. :D get home and realize they are all 1". I still have 1" nipple that can be reinstalled to make it all work.
Can I use all the 1" stuff without it being much of an issue or should I just go buy 3/4" pipe and valve?

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