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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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How do I get to the Bandera 101? Everytime I click the link, it asks me to log on again and then tells me I don't have the authority.

Wish this discussion was around in '05 when I bought mine. Sounds like better solutions than I came up with like raising the fire grate using rebar.

--------------- UPDATE ---------------
Ok never mind the doc request. A couple hours later when I tried the link again it worked.

Going through the doc, I saw oil smoke points came off the Good Eats fans site. That made me think maybe a quarry tile would work in the smoke box. That was an Alton Brown's suggestion for a cost effective alternative to a pizza stone in the oven. Since his recipe has the oven at 500 degrees with the tile, it should work in the bottom of the smoke box. Got to like Brown's hardware store solutions over expensive kitchen stuff.

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