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Originally Posted by HBMTN View Post
I've found that it's difficult for two businesses to make a profit off the same cut of meat. For me, an arrangement like this would not be worth doing unless I wanted to help a friend out and he'd have to be a really good friend for me to cook 30-40 briskets a month for.
I'd be entering into this agreement knowing it's not a direct money maker.
He's charging $10 for a basic corned beef on rye and $12 for a tricked out one- I will be suggesting that he bump them up once it's pastrami to cover the costs...spices alone are considerable.

There are definite incentives for me. Exposure is the biggest- my business on a menu. He's connected to food writers, very active on social media, has whole foods/ wegmans accounts locally...

Another is potentially trading off costs for a convenient commercial kitchen 100 feet away from where I would be vending. Location is in a $15 mil renovated development. It prob sounds crazy but Buffalo food scene is exploding- ppl are literally asking around for bbq pop ups, and NOBODY is killing it. I will
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