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For those that have the Weber SF Pellet Grill and if I had one and really wanted to keep it, the Modifications I would definitely do to solve/fix the grease fire issues are these.
1. I would use a heat diffuser plate similar to the style/design that is used in the Pit Boss Pellet grills... Theyíre actually the length of the cooking chamber and sits at the bottom of the cooking chamber and directly on the Fire Pot... To give you an idea, hereís a couple of pics.

2. I would then modify the diffuser plate to have it slanted downwards on both sides to channel the grease flow away from the fire pot. I would then have 2 exit holes at the opposite ends of the grill and attach a grease bucket their to collect the grease runoff. I also would still use the OEM Weber SF heat diffuser and place it inside the modified diffuser plate and centered covering the fire pot. I know those that donít have Pellet Grills may not have a clue of what Iím trying to describe, but those that have one should.
3. I know the Pit Boss Heat Diffusers dimensions wouldnít fit inside the Weber SF, but the idea/logic is to have a diffuser plate that is able to channel the grease flow runoff away from the fire pot... and Iím sure any local Machine Shop could do it if given the dimensions of your Weber SF grill. If done correctly, there would be no need to add a drip pan to collect the grease runoff and the Flavorizer bars can still perform their intended functions as well as high temp grilling and searing. Is it extra work to modify it?? Yes... Can it work? Yes. Iím just thinking outside the box and something the Engineers at Weber should have thought of in the first place. To bad I canít patent this idea... Pit Boss already beat me to it years ago and I guess Weber engineers werenít paying attention, but I was. Weber could still use it and call it their grease runoff plate for the SmokeFire v2 remix... If there is one...
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